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Curvy Furniture

Corners are boring! Everybody has rectangular tables, boxy sofas and four sides on their bed. It's time to change the game, throwing out the big, boxy sofa and replacing it with a curvy couch will give your room a whole new energy; or maybe just a circular dining table could be enough to freshen up a room.

Bold Colours

Be bold, be bright, be you! Swap out the grey tones, blacks and whites. Get rid of the browns, tans and beiges. Splash a bit of colour into your house, maybe lime? How about orange?

Blast from the Past

Old stylish furniture will never go out of fashion. An old rustic set of draws or an old school chesterfield is always a timeless piece.

Talking Tech

Even though I last said to take it back, remember, we are living in the 21st century. A smart speaker such as an Amazon Alexa or a Google Nest is almost an essential in this day and age. Smart speakers have so many benefits and is an awesome feature to have in your house.

Natural Looking Furniture

Another trend in 2021 is natural looking furniture. I don't mean you have to go and cut a tree then use the logs as tables, although that would be pretty cool, I mean furniture with classic oak wood. This gives your house a simple, organic feel.

Keep it Simple

Don't over do it! Minimalism has been a trendy lifestyle for a while now and maybe it's something you should think about. You don't have to go to the extreme of becoming a 'minimalist' but keep your rooms simple. Don't overthink how you furnish your home.


Lastly, RUGS! Rugs are always a super sexy, stylish accessory for any home. Browse some cool rugs here.

In conclusion, I believe that if you apply at least two of these seven tips in your home it will elevate the overall aesthetic of your house.

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