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Choosing the right mattress for you might seem fairly simple, if it's comfy it's the right one! However, sometimes this is not the case. You might have a health condition which means a different mattress to the one you are sleeping on now is a healthier alternative. We will go into some facts and key information to choosing the correct mattress. However, I would always recommend try before you buy! 

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Did you know that mattress have been around for 77,000 years! Find out more furniture facts here.


The first thing we will go into is sizing, obviously you are going to want your mattress to fit your bed. Europe, the US and the UK all have different sizes for their mattresses, similar to how a US small coke is larger than the UK's small coke from MacDonald's. We will go through the sizes of the UK's mattress in a chart below.

Single Double King Super King
90x190cm 135x190cm 150x200cm  180x200cm


Make sure you get the right sized mattress that fits your bedframe!


The next thing you want to check is the firmness of the mattress, mattresses come in all types of firmness, some super soft and others as firm as the floor. Choosing the right one is critical to maintain a health posture and to prevent back/spine pain in the future. 

  • Soft Mattresses

A soft mattress is or generally not recommended, no matter what your sleep style or body type because you will not have enough spine and hip support.

  • Medium Soft Mattresses

A medium-soft mattress is recommended for people who sleep on their side.

  • Medium Firm Mattresses

A medium-firm mattress is recommended for most people. It will accommodate any sleep style or body type, including people who suffer from back pain.

  • Firm Mattresses

A firm mattress is generally recommended if you are overweight. It is also recommended for the elderly and some disabled people. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, choose a mattress that is 12" thick.

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Most mattress are made up of layers, a support layer, a comfort layer and the cover. But what is actually inside our mattresses? 


The majority of mattresses contain springs. Springs are the metal coils within your mattress, which provide support for your body as you sleep.

There are two main categories of spring systems which are used within mattresses. These are either a standard sprung system, also known as an 'open coil' or 'bonnell' system, or a pocket sprung system.


Where foam is used within the support layer, this is a high-density foam called reflex foam. Some mattresses are comprised only of foam, without springs.

All-foam mattresses are a type of non-sprung mattress, made up of layers of different densities of foam.

As there are no springs, foam mattresses tend to be lighter than sprung mattresses, enabling these mattresses to be more easily manoeuvred.

In addition, due to the high-density nature of foam, mattresses made only of foam are often naturally hypoallergenic, since they offer very little opportunity for dust mites to settle within the mattress. Because of this, foam mattresses can be a good option for those who suffer from allergies.


With all of this said, I hope it has helped you find out the correct mattress for you. If you have any further questions about finding the perfect mattress visit us in store, click here to find our address or you can purchase online today.

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