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Taking Care of Carpet Guide | One Stop Furniture Carpets & Flooring

At One Stop we know taking great care of your carpets is essential when investing in flooring you want to retain its qualities for as long as possible, having a long-lasting carpet requires some minimal effort but with the right guidance, keeping your carpets in the best condition possible looking and feeling, as good as new.


As soon as an accident happens, act fast - the time you take from spilling to cleaning can really affect the longevity and cost of the apparent situation. Remember to 'Dab not Scrub' - Scrubbing can rip the fibres and leave you with course, noticeable damage. If your carpets are stained somewhat, you could hire a professional to see if they could help, note acting fast can prevent the need for this.

Shoes Off & Furniture Moving

Wear and tear happen but you can reduce this, making a 'shoes off rule' is a great tip to introduce, doing so will help reduce dirt! A simple shoe rack or place to keep your footwear is essential, with a mat below for easy cleaning.
Move furniture around or rotating set pieces can highlight spots that are wearing easier than others, this is a great method to keep everything looking fresh as furniture is heavy, so you're also protecting your carpets.

 Regular 'Everyday' Carpet Care

Taking the essential steps when needed will make caring for your carpet hassle free, we suggest vacuuming every week regardless of people/pet traffic. Taking your time is essential, we suggest using brushes with cut pile carpet, check your carpet regularly and even hand vacuum for crumbs/unwanted particles.

Carpet Cleaning Tools & Useful Furnishings

Below are some notable items that help with carpet cleaning, some are more essential than others but they all serve their purpose in keeping your carpets long-lasting, retaining the quality and features you invested in.

  • Vacuums | Cordless/Upright/Handheld/Hybrid | 
  • Brushes | Rug/Rotary/Drill/Upholstery - Brushes + Lint Rollers/Carpet Sweepers | 
  • Shoe & Trainer Rack | Great Idea to keep unwanted dirt away!
  • Mats & Rug Runners | Used for places that will inevitably get dirty!
  • Damp Towels & Sponges |

Correct Cleaning Tips & Techniques For Stain Removal 

The #1 Tip already mentioned is to never scrub, you will damage the carpet and the stain will only grow deeper, so avoid this at all costs! Secondly research prior to what techniques are best for the stain you're trying to fix, an example could be baking soda & white vinegar, this can be effective on stains like red wine and tea. Another example would be some known 'bleach type stain remover', This should only ever be used on 100% polypropylene carpet!

Never ever Scrub/Rub a stain, you might think it's helping but you're doing more harm than good, the yarn of the piece will be badly damaged, which can cause irreversible damage and prevent the longevity of the carpet in question.

It’s important you know exactly what material/fibre your carpet is, this will help determine the technique and products used. 


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