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As the years go by it seems like we are paying more money for smaller and smaller properties. The average house in the UK was £256,000 in March 2021; this is £24,000 higher than March 2020. 20 years ago this amount of money would secure you a 4 bedroom house with a decent sized garden, however, nowadays you'd be lucky to get a 2 bedroom house for £100,000. So it's only logical that you buy a smaller house to save money! But with this means you have less space to live in. Let's discuss some ways to go around this problem.

First of all, get rid of your junk! If you don't use it, loose it - you might even get a couple pounds back from it.

Secondly, get furniture with storage space in it! At any good furniture shop they should have storage options in some of their sofas and most of their bedframes, check out our furniture with storage here.

Why not scale down? Instead of a full double or a king sized bed, go for a 3/4 double. This will give you more floor space and make a small bedroom look slightly bigger without loosing the 'double' bed feel.

Our final tip to make smaller spaces feel bigger is use mirrors and natural light. The brighter a room the more spacious it will feel and mirrors trick the eyes giving the illusion of a bigger room.


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