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Living in small spaces | Blog

As the years go by it seems like we are paying more money for smaller and smaller properties. The average house in the UK was £256,000 in March 2021; this is £24,000 higher than March 2020. 20 years ago this amount of money would secure you a 4 bedroom house with a decent sized garden, however, nowadays you'd be lucky to get a 2 bedroom house for £100,000. So it's only logical that you buy a smaller house to save money! But with this means you have less space to live in. Let's discuss some ways to go around this...

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What does it mean to become a minimalist? | Blog

Now-a-days choosing to live within the minimalism movement is becoming more and more common. The fact that you get rid of everything you don't need not only looks more atheistically pleasing but it could also improve your mental health. Minimalism isn't about throwing away rubbish, it's about living with less to gain more. Living with less materialistic items to allow more space for experiences and connections with other people. Becoming a minimalist can really open your eyes to what really matters and you could find out what is really meaningful to you. There are obviously different extents to minimalism, why...

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