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Choosing your next carpet can be very daunting. Especially, when you first walk into a carpet store and see hundreds of choices, endless colours and  materials it can make you feel slightly overwhelmed. Realistically, the type of carpet that is the right option for you comes down to these three questions:

  • What room is it for?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the look or feel you are after?


What carpet should I use for different rooms?

If you are putting carpets in a high traffic area, you will need a carpet that is slightly more hard-wearing and that doesn't flatten very easily. Carpets for high traffic areas will go in places like stairs and hallways. However, when it comes to your bedroom or living room you might want more of a luxury carpet, softer and thicker. The down side to thicker and softer carpets is that they tend to be more expensive. 

What is your budget for new carpets?

So this one is fairly self explanatory. What can you afford? You might think 'Great! I can buy this high-end, amazing quality carpet for my room!' But do not forget there are extra charges when it comes to carpets, do you need fitting? Do you need underlay? Are there delivery charges? What about door bars? Need the door trimming? Be sure to budget carefully. 

Why choose carpet over other flooring options?

  • Non-slip surface (especially good for stairs)
  • Sound proofing
  • Laminate and other wood surfaces are too slippery for dogs to walk on
  • Dropped objects are less likely to break
  • Easier to lay on uneven surfaces
  • Better for the winter

Pile and Material

Pile is how the carpet is made, looped, twist, saxony, etc.

The material is what the carpet is made from. Wool, polyester, nylon, etc.


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